Our mission is to help people bridge-in the gap from being unable to do things, because their health or situation does not allow them to do it anymore, to being able to do things again.


Nurse Tree Health Inc. started out with the strong desire of its founder, Bernadette Van Winckel, a registered nurse (RN), to help anyone who needs private home health care services. In her nursing practice, Bernadette noticed that there are lots of needs that arise from being hospitalized to being discharged back to home. Some people get discharged from hospital but are not yet ready to get back to their daily routine because they still need a little bit more time to recuperate and gain their strength. She also noticed that there is a strong desire from most people to stay at home while they heal. For example, she observed that many elderly people wish to stay in their homes as long as they can. However, caring for oneself or a loved one while healing from illness or injury is not easy; and getting help is a challenge because most people do not have family members or friends who are available to provide care. Those who do, have family members that may easily get burned-out because of the physical and mental demands of constant caregiving.

Through Nurse Tree Health Home Care Services, Bernadette desires to bridge the gap from the needs to the solutions that could make healing and wellness easier to achieve for the client and their families. She believes that getting help is not sign of weakness but a smart strategy to empower oneself to achieve and realize ones goals.

Bernadette has worked with various adult populations and demographics, including the elderly, in her nursing career. She currently works in the medical-surgical and high acuity departments of the Vancouver General Hospital, as well as in the ambulatory care unit at Burnaby General Hospital. She has a passionate heart for helping and caring for people. She and her team are dedicated in raising the standard of private home health care by providing quality services that makes a difference in the lives of people who receive them.

The Nurse Tree Health Difference

Our goal at Nurse Tree Health is to deliver a caring service solution that reflects the values and standards of practice of nursing. We value life and quality of life. We believe that transparency in care encourages honesty and produces quality of care. In return, it builds trust among our clients and their families. We treat every person as an individual and we respect their own uniqueness, beliefs, and way of life. We value mutual respect. People who are treated with kindness tend to reciprocate the same kindness to other people. We believe that the “little” things that we do for our clients matters and it creates a huge impact in their lives and well-being.

What you get when Nurse Tree Health takes care of you:

  • High standard of care and service
  • A free in-home care assessment by a nurse
  • A care plan uniquely designed for you by a nurse
  • Carefully screened, skilled, experienced, and trusted care providers and home support workers. We check all of our care provider’s skills and credentials, and all have a clean criminal record and vulnerable sectors check.
  • Ongoing care assessments and care management
  • 24x7 support when needed
  • Peace of mind. We are a fully insured and bonded company

Behind the name

A nurse tree is “a tree that protects or fosters the growth of other young trees.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2015).

With that definition in mind, Nurse Tree Health desires to apply the function of a nurse tree by fostering the growth and independence of our clients through the caring services we provide.